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Extended Corner Desks!
Extended Corner Desks.
Desks designed to be installed in the corner of a room with one long extension.
Rounded Corner PACS Desks!
Rounded Corner Desks.
Desks designed to be installed in the corner of a room with equal sides and rounded corners.
Rectangular Desks!
Rectangular Desks.
Rectangular desks with optional secondary lift surfaces.
Diagonal Corner Desks for PACS!
Diagonal Corner Desks.
Desks designed to be installed in the corner of a room with the facing work surface running diagonally from each wall and available with secondary lift surfaces.
Curved Corner PACS workstations desks!
Curved Corner Desks.
Desks designed to be installed in the corner of a room with the facing work surface curved allowing the user to work closer to the center of the desk.
PACS Displays!
PACS Displays/LCD Displays.
A full line of DICOM compliant LCD display solutions for your PACS workstation!
Wall Mounted PACS Viewbox!
Wall Mounted PACS Workstations.
A complete wall mounted computer systems for use as a PACS workstation in the same space as existing viewboxes.
Chairs for the radiologist!
Premium Ergonomic Seating.
Desk chairs designed for professional radiologist.
PACS Seating/Chairs!
Comfort Ergonomic Seating.
Desk chairs specifically designed for maximum comfort during PACS reading sessions.
Verical PACS Workstations.
Vertical Workstations.
Desks/Workstations designed to be utilized while standing.
Keyboard and Mouse Support Systems!
Keyboard Supports.
Support systems for keyboard and mice.
LCD Monitor Display Supports!
Monitor/Display Supports.
Support systems for flat panel computer displays.
CPU Supports/Holders!
CPU Holders/Support Systems.
Support systems for CPU cases.
PACS Desk Accessories!
Desktop Accessories.
Additional products to make your PACS desktop more productive.
PACS Desk Lamps!
Desk Lamps.
Stylish desk lamps for your PACS workstation reduce eyestrain by focusing light where you need it.

       Techno-Aide Ergonomic Furniture, General Information.       

Techno-Aide is proud to introduce a comprehensive line of medical and business furniture that gives any user the most productive, relaxed and safe work environment possible.

These benefits are blended into a clean and elegant design that will complement any workspace with the support and strength of steel and the finest quality components.

1. Place the monitor directly in front of and centered about the user.
2. Place the monitor at a distance of more than 16" from the user with the viewing angle between 0 to negative 18 degrees.
3. Keep CPU within arm's reach, but off the work surface.
4. Place work surface at a height that allows legs to fit comfortably underneath with feet flat on the floor. Use a footrest if needed.
5. Keyboard should be located at a height that allows the worker to key with the upper arms hanging relaxed from the shoulders.

6. Keyboard should have a slight negative tilt.
7. Elbows should be roughly at right angles to allow the wrists to be fairly straight.
8. Place the pointing device (mouse) at the same height as the keyboard and as close to the keyboard as possible.
9. Always maintain contact with backrest of chair to minimize back discomfort.
10. Take 20 second to 2 minute rest breaks between regularly scheduled breaks.
The primary work surface, or Desktop, can be raised or lowered to position the desktop at the optimal level for each unique user.
There are two types of elevating mechanisms that operate within the structural steel support posts: electric and crank.
The electric lift allows the user to raise and lower the desktop with the simple push of a button (programmable switch is available as an upgrade). A nearby 120VAC outlet is all that is required.
The crank lift allows the user to easily raise and lower the desktop with the EZ-Crank knob which is conveniently located on the desktop. The two benefits with choosing the crank are that no electricity is required and the crank desktop provides all the function of the electric model at significant cost savings.

The SSL provides an extended work surface that can be raised or lowered from the primary desk surface, to position the front work surface at the optimal level for each unique user.
Desks shown with the SSL include the desk base, specially cut desktop, the SSL work surface and the SSL mechanism.
The SSL mechanism is easily adjusted and locked with one lever, so no electricity is needed.
For specially cut corner desks, the SSL must be part of the initial order. However, if you have a work surface with an undivided desktop and wish to replace that with an SSL desktop in the future, a new desktop with SSL can be ordered and mounted onto your existing base unit.

Ergonomic Desk Features
All desks include the base as listed (electric or crank) and the work surface as diagrammed.

The standard color is black base with a matte black desktop and trim, but other choices are available as shown. Custom designs and custom colors may also be available.

Upgrades are available for many models and may include:
  • Programmable digital display switch: replacement for the standard up/down switch on the electric desks.

  • Locking casters: packaged set of four to add mobility to most desks.

  • Desktop grommets: set of two 2" holes, covers, and sleeves, installed at the time of order (these are necessary for mounting monitor supports).

  • In addition, many optional accessories are available, such as: articulating keyboard supports, monitor supports, CPU holders, a complete line of seating and other useful items for today's technology driven workplace.

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