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       Infab's Maternity Wrap-Around Protection Apron.       

Infab Corporation! This Maternity Apron was designed for female doctors and radiology techs who would feel more comfortable having full frontal 0.50mm protection (with the overlap) and 0.25mm back for working during a pregnancy. This apron also includes another 0.50mm half-apron to be worn inside the main apron to shield the fetus even further. So when worn together, they provide a full 1.00mm of protection across the fetal area.

NOTE: Because this apron has a 24" circumference at the armholes and tapers out to 36" at the bottom, the total weight is approximately 22 to 24 lbs. in regular lead. We advise ordering the Green Lite (no lead) option below to minimize the weight. In Green Lite, your weight is only approximately 14 lbs.

Because of the special nature of these aprons, they are non-returnable.

Available in regular weight, Lead Free Green Light Smart Armor and now Lead Free Bi-Layer Ki-Armor. "KI-ARMOR" core material provides 40% greater protection against absorbed dose than other Lead-free or low-Lead composite materials, and 20% more protection than standard Lead-based equivalents. Click here if you'd like to learn more about this exciting new Infab product.

Core materials specifications.....

Do You Need a Thyroid Collar, Eyewear, Carry Bag, Cleaner/Sanitizer Sprays, or Storage Rack to go with this apron?

Stock #
Lead Options
Your Price
Regular Lead, 22 - 24 lbs.
Upgrade to Lead Free
Green Light Smart Armor, approximately 14#
Upgrade to Lead Free
Bi-Layer Ki-Armor

Regular Fabrics

The following fabrics are additional cost, and require ordering stock # CUSTFBRC when ordering!

Animal Print Fabrics
Floral Fabrics
Graphics & Wild Side Fabrics
Premium In Stock Fabrics

Stock #
Infab Optional Apron Accessories and/or Upgrades.
Your Price
Upgrade to Lead Free "Ki-Armor", Frontal Aprons
Upgrade to Lead Free "Ki-Armor" Wrap-Arounds & Skirt/Vests
Upgrade to Lead Free "Ki-Armor" for a Skirt or Vest ONLY
Upgrade to Lead Free Green Light, Frontal Aprons
Upgrade to Lead Free Green Light for Wrap-Arounds & Skirt/Vests
Upgrade to Lead Free Green Light for a Skirt or Vest ONLY
Optional Strap ~ Attach Collar to Apron
Script Monogram (20 char./line)
Block Monogram (20 char./line)
"Cool Wear" Moisture Wicking Under Armourâ„¢ Material
Included in all "Revolution" Aprons
Axillary Protection Wings, Pair
Custom Fabric Fee
Large Embroidered Character: 5"-6", Centered, Front.
Small Embroidered Character: 2"-3", Below Pocket.
X-Small (25" waist) factory replacement "Black Belt"
Small (28"-30" waist) factory replacement "Black Belt"
Medium (32"-34" waist) factory replacement "Black Belt"
Large (36"-38" waist) factory replacement "Black Belt"
X-Large (40"-42" waist) factory replacement "Black Belt"
Sewn on right hand sleeve, specify length
Sewn on left hand sleeve, specify length
Snap-on left sleeve, specify length
Snap-on right sleeve, specify length
Hook & Loop Fastened left hand sleeve,specify length
Hook & Loop Fastened right hand sleeve, specify length
Use For Premium Fabric Upgrade
Optional Monogramming
Information on measuring for your Infab apron.
  • See provided size chart for all width measurements and lengths for Vests & Skirts.
  • For all one piece aprons, measure length from high point of the shoulder down. (Standard length is 38" for all sizes. Other lengths available.)
  • For vests, measure length from high point of the shoulder down (be sure to allow approximately 4" for over-lap of skirt!).
  • For all skirt lengths, measure from the natural waist down.

  • Included Features...
    EXCLUSIVE "DOUBLE WELT" POCKETS: Available only from Infab as a standard feature on every apron. Double welt pockets are easily turned "inside out" for cleaning. They will not tear like competitors patch pockets and provide a handy storage for glasses, markers, film, badges, etc..
    EXCLUSIVE "NO SEAM" SHOULDERS: Helps increase apron durability by removing the major stress failure point as found in competitors lead aprons. Improves wearer comfort by eliminating chafing and rubbing associated with bulky seams.
    CHOICE OF COLORS: The widest range of cover and trim colors of any manufacturer, updated regularly with all the latest styles.
    EXCLUSIVE TWO YEAR WARRANTY: The best protective apron warranty in the industry by a company that backs it up, is your assurance of outstanding product quality.
    TAILORED MALE AND FEMALE SIZES: Designed to provide maximum protection with increased mobility and comfort.

    Infab Aprons are available two options...

  • Standard Lead
  • This is Infab's standard lead vinyl product which is heavier than GL/Smart Armour, but is more economical. This is the default offering unless GL/Smart Armour option is noted when ordering.
  • Green Light/Smart Armour (No Lead)
  • Green Lite now gives the end user the first apron that has a barrier material that has absolutely no lead content and is now more than 42% lighter than an all lead apron and still provides a full .50mm Pb equivalent protection level!

    Compare the weight differences for yourself...

    Example weight of a Large size Vest and Skirt apron.
    Standard Lead
    GL Greenlite Lead Free
    10.8lbs (4.9kg)
    9.4lbs (4.2kg)

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