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Training/Teaching/Sectional/Anthropomorphic Phantoms (6)
These are Phantoms used in the general radiology areas..
Whole Body Sectional Mammography Lung/Chest Angio Head PET
Radiology test phantoms!
Accreditation, Resolution, Quality, and Test/Alignment Phantoms (16)
Test and Resolutions performance products for various radiology modalities. Useful for Q/A and/or accreditation & compliance testing.
Mammo Accreditation Rad/Fluoro Accreditation Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Beam Alignment Cardiovascular/Fluoroscopic Benchmark AEC Testing/Calibration CT Performance Phantoms Focal Spot Test Fluoroscopic Performance Pro-Digi Grid Alignment Kit HVL Filters Line Pair Test Attenuation Phantom Pin-Hole Camera FS Test Rotating Spoke Test
CT Performance Test Phantoms!
CT Specific Phantoms (7)
Phantoms designed specifically for testing and training on Computed Tomography Scanners.
CIRS Spiral/Helical Catphan 500/600 Head Performance Dose MicroMouse PET-CT
Bone Mineral Analysis Phantom!
DEXA/Bone Mineral Analysis Phantoms (2)
Phantoms for the testing and evaluation of DEXA and other Bone Mineral Scanners.
CT Simulator Bona Fide Phantom for DEXA
Radiation Therapy Phantoms!
Dosimetry/Radiation Therapy Phantoms (18)
Phantoms for use in radiation therapy testing and calibration.
IMRT Head and Torso Freepoint IMRT Homogeneous IMRT Head and Neck IMRT Thorax IMRT Pelvic 3D Dynamic Thorax MRI-LINAC Dynamic Dynamic Pelvis Dynamic Motion Platform Cube ISO Cube SBRT Phantom Multi-Lesion Brain QA CBCT Electron Density Proton Therapy Water Equivalent ATOM Verification Plastic Water
Mammo Phantoms!
Mammography/Breast Phantoms (24)
Mammography training, test, Q/A, and accrediation phantoms/tools.
Mammography Accreditation Phantoms (3) Pro-Project Digital Mammo Test Pro-Project Pro-Euro Pro-Project Pro-Mam Performance Pro-Project Pro-MAM Biopsy Pro-Project Pro-Mam Step-Wedge RSD Mammo Procedure Training CIRS Stereotactic Needle Biopsy CIRS High Contrast/Resolution CIRS Small Field, Low Contrast CIRS High Contrast Test Target CIRS BR3D CIRS Tissue Equivalent CIRS Research Set CIRS Analog/Film QC Package CIRS Ultrasound Needle Biopsy CIRS Breast Elastography CIRS Multi-Modality Breast Biopsy and Sonographic Trainer CIRS Phototimer Consistency Testing Slabs CIRS Film Screen Contact Test CIRS Biopsy Imaging/Transport Container
MRI Phantoms!
MRI Phantoms (8)
Phantoms designed specifically for the testing and evaluation of MR systems in medical applications.
Comprehensive Large Field Distortion Evaluation Magphan Uniformity / Linearity Gillian QA Lumbar Male Pelvis Skull
Multi-Modality Radiology Phantoms!
Multi-Modality Phantoms (5).
Phantoms which serve a useful purpose in more than one imaging modality.
3D Abdominal 3D Skull Breast Biopsy/Ultrasound Trainer Lumbar Training Male Pelvis
Nuclear Medicine Training Phantoms!
Nuclear Medicine Phantoms (2)
Exposure Test and Training phantoms designed for nuclear medicine applications where patients can not or should not serve.
Biodex RSD
PET Phantoms!
PET/SPECT Phantoms (8).
Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Phantoms.
Anthropomorphic Torso SPECT Deluxe Flangeless Jaszczak SPECT Scatter Lung-Spine Whole Body PET-CT Sensitivity
Radiosurgery Head Phantom!
Radiosurgical Head Phantoms.
Head Phantoms designed to evaluate the accuracy of treatment plans in radiosurgery applications.
Shear Wave Liver Fibrosis Phantoms!
Shear Wave Phantoms
Shear Wave Liver Fibrosis Phantoms which provide a set of reference standards for performing quantitative measurements of tissue stiffness.
Ultrasound Phantoms!
Ultrasound Phantoms (27)
Ultrasound test and training phantoms.
Uniformity/Geometric Accuracy Accreditation Female Training Pelvis Male Training Pelvis Neck/Thyroid Training Prostate General Purpose Resolution Gray Scale Elasticity QA Near Field Multi-Tissue UltraiQ Q/A Software 2D & 3D Evaluation Multi-Modality Male Pelvic Brachytherapy QA Vascular Access Training Abdominal Biopsy Needle Breast Biopsy Breast Elastography Multi-Modality Breast Biopsy/Trainer Visualization Training Fetal 2D/3D Fetal Biometrics Doppler Flow Simulator Quantitative Doppler String Blood Mimicking Fluid
The Dynamic Breathing Phantom!
Breathing Phantom.
The dynamic breathing phantom is a computer (laptop) controlled soft tissue breathing mannequin with a complex plastic simulation of a humanoid torso including lungs, ribcage/chest-wall bone, skin and sub-dermis, and an independently movable tumor within one of the lung volumes.

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