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Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc! Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Incorporated is recognized world wide for tissue simulation technology and is the leader in the manufacture of phantoms and simulators for quantitative densitometry, calibration, quality control and research in the field of medical imaging and radiotherapy.

For over 25 years CIRS has been simulating a wide variety of tissues by blending epoxy resins, urethane's, water based polymers and other proprietary materials. The physicists, biomedical engineers and skilled craftsmen at CIRS are available to manufacture custom phantoms for emerging or special requirements.

IMRT Homogeneous Phantom!
002H5 - IMRT Homogeneous Phantom.
A phantom designed for Complete QA from CT imaging quality to dose verification.
IMRT Head and Torso Freepoint Phantom!
002H9K - IMRT Head and Torso Freepoint Phantom.
A phantom which properly represents human head and torso anatomy in shape, proportion and structure as well as density. This enables thorough analysis of both the treatment planning and delivery systems.
IMRT Head and Neck Phantom!
002HN - IMRT Head and Neck Phantom.
A phantom which properly represents human head and neck anatomy in shape, proportion and structure as well as density. This enables thorough analysis of both the treatment planning and delivery systems.
IMRT Thorax Phantom!
002LFC - IMRT Thorax Phantom.
An elliptical shaped phantom which represents an average human torso in proportion, density and two-dimensional structure. It is designed to address the complex issues surrounding commissioning and comparison of treatment planning systems.
IMRT Pelvic 3D Phantom!
002PRA - IMRT Pelvic 3D Phantom.
A phantom which properly represents human pelvic anatomy in shape, proportion and structure as well as density. This enables thorough analysis of both the imaging and dosimetry system.
CT Simulator For Bone Mineral Analysis!
004 - CT Simulator For Bone Mineral Analysis.
A simulation phantom which provides a simple and effective method for accurate and reliable bone mineral test measurements and performance evaluation of CT Scanners.
CT Dose Phantoms!
007 - CT Dose Phantoms.
A general purpose CT Dose Phantom for all Computed Tomography Systems.
CT Dose Phantom!
007TE-01 - Tissue Equivalent, Abdominal CT Dose Phantom.
A Tissue Equivalent CT Dose Phantom designed to more accurately simulate the range of patient sizes from small infants to large adults in the abdominal region. This provides a more accurate and reliable dose calculation for this region.
Dynamic Thorax Phantom!
008A - Dynamic Thorax Phantom.
A throax phantom which simulates 3D tumor motion within the lung.
MRI-LINAC Phantom!
008M - MRI-LINAC Dynamic Phantom
An MRI phantom for assessing MRI image quality and testing tumor localization and motion-capturing capabilities in modern radiation therapy departments.
Dynamic Pelvis Phantom!
008P - Dynamic Pelvis Phantom.
A precision instrument for investigating and minimizing the impact of prostate motion inside the pelvis.
Motion Platform for Phantoms!
008PL - Dynamic Motion Platform.
A Dynamic Platform provides an economical, user-friendly solution for the complex tasks associated with tumor motion and patient positioning in radiation therapy.
A Cube IMRT Phantom!
009 - Cube Phantom
A cube shaped phantom which enables complete QA from CT image acquisitions to therapy dose verifications.
Tissue-Equivalent Mammography Phantom!
010A & 011A-D - Tissue-Equivalent Mammography Phantoms.
Breast Phantoms which contains targets that are engineered to test the threshold and performance of any mammographic system including the latest generation machines.
Mammography Research Phantom Set!
012A - Mammography Research Phantom Set.
A set of research phantoms which include tissue equivalent phantoms 4, 5 and 6 cm thick with identical embedded details.
Stereotactic Needle Biopsy Training Phantom.!
013 - CIRS Stereotactic Needle Biopsy Training Phantoms.
A Tissue equivalent, compressible biopsy training phantom, that won't leak!
Mammography Phototimer Consistency Testing Slabs!
014 - Mammography Phototimer Consistency Testing Slabs.
Non-acrylic, absorber slabs designed for precise assessment of AEC system performance in accordance with American College of Radiology and MQSA recommendations.
ACR Mammo Accreditation Phantom From CIRS!
015 - Accreditation Test Phantom.
An ACR approved MQSA phantom for Accredited Mammography Facilities in the US
Mammography Contrast & Resolution Phantoms!
016A - Mammography Single Exposure, High Contrast, Resolution Phantoms.
Mammographic phantoms which perform more than one contrast and/or resolution test in a single exposure.
Mammography BR3D Phantom!
020 - Mammography BR3D Phantom.
A Mammography Phantom which was designed to assess detectability of various size lesions within a tissue equivalent, complex, heterogeneous background.
CIRS ISO Cube Daily QA Phantom!
023 - ISO Cube Daily QA Phantom.
A The ISO Cube provides a cost-effective, quick and accurate means of testing radiation isocenter alignment between the lasers, light field and image guidance systems in therapy systems.
DEXA Phantom!
026 - DEXA Phantom.
A quality control tool for DEXA instruments, which features an acrylic-embedded calcium hydroxyapatite (CHA) step-wedge.
Mammography QC Package!
029-15 - Analog/Film Mammography QC Package.
A QC test kit for use with Analog Film/Screen Mammography systems. Includes all the tools a technologist needs to implement a comprehensive quality control program.
Lumbar Training Phantom!
034 - Multi-Modality Lumbar Training Phantom.
A Multi-Modality Lumbar training phantom that provides realistic puncture practice under Fluoro. In addition, this phantom can also be imaged under CT, MR, and Ultrasound.
CIRS 036A SBRT Phantom!
036A - SBRT Phantom.
A SBRT Phantom which provides a means to check the entire treatment chain during commissioning and routine QA.
Multi-Lesion Brain QA Phantom!
037 - Multi-Lesion Brain QA Phantom.
This phantom provides a unique solution for fast, comprehensive film dosimetry for single isocenter plans treating multiple targets simultaneously.
Shear Wave Liver Fibrosis Phantoms!
039 - Shear Wave Liver Fibrosis Phantom Set.
Shear Wave Liver Fibrosis Phantoms which provide a set of reference standards for performing quantitative measurements of tissue stiffness.
General Purpose, Multi-Tissue Ultrasound Phantom!
040GSE - General Purpose, Multi-Tissue Ultrasound Phantom.
A Multi-Purpose, Multi-Tissue Ultrasound Phantom which includes a wide array of targets and a unique dual attenuation background gel that allows for the evaluation of transducers ranging from 2 MHz - 15 MHz.
General Purpose Urethane Ultrasound Phantom!
042 - General Purpose Urethane Ultrasound Phantom.
A General Purpose Urethane Ultrasound Phantom provides an alternative solution for ultrasound quality assurance. It is ideal for monitoring system performance over time.
Doppler String Phantom!
043 - Doppler String Phantom.
Doppler String Phantom is an essential tool for calibrating Doppler Ultrasound. By utilizing crystal controlled motor, it accurately generates sixteen pre-programmed waveforms using advanced string target technology.
CIRS Ultrasound Resolution Phantom!
044 - Ultrasound Resolution Phantom.
A General Resolution test phantom which offers a reliable medium which contains specific, known test objects for repeatable qualitative assessment of ultrasound scanner performance over time.
Brachytherapy QA Phantom!
045A - Brachytherapy QA Phantom.
An ultrasound phantom designed to enable users to check key imaging parameters such as depth of penetration, axial and lateral resolution, distance measurements, area measurements, volume measurements and geometric consistency with the treatment planning computer.
Blood Mimicking Fluid!
046 - Blood Mimicking Fluid.
A Fluid intended for use in any flow phantom and with any type of pumping mechanism. It was formulated to simulate the acoustic and physical characteristics of blood.
Gray Scale Ultrasound Phantom!
047 - Gray Scale Ultrasound Phantom.
A single simple tool to assess resolution of masses varying in size, depth and contrast.
Multi-Modality Pelvic Phantom!
048A - Multi-Modality Male Pelvic Phantom.
A realistic abdominal male pelvic phantom intended for ultrasound scanning of the bladder and prostate. This phantom can also be imaged under MRI and CT.
Ultrasound Elasticity QA Phantoms!
049 - Elasticity QA Phantoms.
Phantoms developed for sonoelastography ultrasound systems which contains two sizes of spheres positioned at two different depths. At each depth there are two spheres that are softer than the background and two that are harder than the background.
CIRS Near Field Ultrasound Phantom!
050 - Near Field Ultrasound Phantom.
An Ultrasound phantom that features a series of wire targets that will appear as bright dots or lines and two known volumes made from Zerdine.
Ultrasound Needle Breast Biopsy Phantom!
052A - Ultrasound Needle Breast Biopsy Phantom with Amorphous Lesions.
A Phantom which accurately mimics the ultrasonic characteristics of tissues found in an average human breast.
Tissue Equivalent Prostate Phantoms!
053 Series - Tissue Equivalent Ultrasound Prostate Phantoms.
A Prostate Training Phantom developed for practicing procedures which involve scanning the prostate with a rectal probe. A Multi-Modality version is also available.
054GS General Purpose Ultrasound Phantom!
054GS - General Purpose Urethane Ultrasound Phantom.
A Phantom offers all the features of the original Model 054 but now contains gray scale targets and improved sensitivity targets that exceed the phantom requirements outlined in the ACR accreditation program.
2D & 3D Ultrasound Evaluation Phantoms!
055 - 2D & 3D Ultrasound Evaluation Phantoms.
Two separate phantoms which provide for the tests outlined in the AIUM publication "Standard Methods for Calibration of 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Spatial Measurement Capabilities of Pulse Echo Ultrasound Imaging Systems"
Triple-Modality 3D Abdominal Phantom!
057A - Triple-Modality 3D Abdominal Phantom.
An Abdominal Phantom which provides a representation of a small adult abdomen, and can be imaged under CT, MR and Ultrasound.
Ultrasound Breast Elastography Phantom!
059 - Breast Elastography Phantom.
A phantom which accurately mimics the ultrasonic characteristics of tissues found in an average human breast and contains several solid masses that appear isoechoic to the simulated breast tissue under normal ultrasound.
CIRS Spiral/Helical CT Phantom!
061 - Spiral/Helical CT Phantom.
A Helical CT Phantom designed to test scanning protocols to verify that small low contrast lesions will be detected.
CBCT Electron Density Phantom!
062 - CBCT Electron Density Phantom.
A phantom designed to provide a reliable tool for CT number to electron density calibration in volumetric imaging.
CBCT Electron Density and Image Quality Phantom!
062QA - CBCT Electron Density and Image Quality Phantom,
A Phantom designed to be used for both electron density calibration and image quality assessment of Cone Beam CT systems integrated in radiation therapy devices.
CIRS CBCT Electron Density Phantom!
062M - Electron Density Phantom
An Electron Density Phantom used to correlate CT number and tissue electron density to improve the accuracy of of radiotherapy treatment planning,
Quantitative Ultrasound Phantom!
063 - Quantitative Ultrasound Phantom.
A Phantom which provides a linear response of Broadband Ultrasonic Attenuation (BUA) in the diagnostic frequency range for assessment of bone quality.
Ultrasound Fetal Training Phantom!
065 - Ultrasound Fetal Training Phantom.
A realistic high quality imaging model for 2D and 3D ultrasound fetal scanning demonstrations and training.
Fetal Ultrasound Biometrics Phantom!
068 - Fetal Ultrasound Biometrics Phantom.
A fetal ultrasound phantom designed to be used as training in gestational age estimation exams.
Doppler Ultrasound Flow Simulator!
069A - Doppler Ultrasound Flow Simulator.
A device that is designed to simulate blood flow in a tissue mimicking phantom, and may be used to perform quality assurance testing of Doppler ultrasound devices.
Prostate Training Phantom!
070 - Multi-Modality Prostate Training Phantom.
A realistic and durable prostate training phantom for both diagnostic and interventional procedures.
CIRS Image-Guided Abdominal Biopsy Phantom.!
071B - Image-Guided Abdominal Biopsy Phantom.
A simplified abdominal training phantom which does not contain organs, but instead has twelve randomly positioned lesions range in size from 8 to 12mm.
CIRS Vascular Access Training Phantom!
072 - Vascular Access Training Phantom.
A training phantom kit designed to provide a realistic training medium for needle insertion with or without ultrasound guidance.
Ultrasound Breast Phantom!
073 - Multi-Modality Breast Biopsy and Sonographic Trainer.
A phantom design to train users in various aspects of breast imaging and image-guided inteventional procedures.
Thyroid Ultrasound Training Phantom!
074 - Thyroid Ultrasound Training Phantom.
The CIRS Thyroid Training Phantom is a disposable training tool and practice medium for ultrasound guided thyroid biopsy procedures. The phantom also serves as an excellent teaching tool for identification of various types of thyroid nodules and training on proper thyroid scanning techniques.
Ultrasound Visualization Training Phantom!
077 - Ultrasound Visualization Training Phantom.
A phantom that consists of seven 3-D anechoic targets embedded in a scattering background at various depths.
UltraiQ Q/A Software for Diagnostic Ultrasound!
078 - UltraiQ Q/A Software for Diagnostic Ultrasound.
Software that brings automated phantom image analysis to diagnostic ultrasound.
Small Field Low Contrast Mammo Phantom!
083 - Small Field, Low Contrast Mammography Phantom.
A tissue equivalent tool used to detect a mammo's systems ability to distinguish small sutle differences in glandular tissue against a fixed background absorber of nearly the same energy absorption rate.
Line Pair Testing of Mammo Systems!
084 - Mammography High Contrast Resolution Test Target Phantom.
A mammography phantom for evaluating line pair resolution.
Digital Mammo Phantom!
086 - ACR Digital Mammography Phantom.
A phantom designed under the sponsorship of the American College of Radiology (ACR) to test the performance of FFDM systems.
MicroMouse CT Dose Phantom!
090 - MicroMouse Mini CT Dose Phantom.
A small phantom which can be used to evaluate Micro-CT scanners as you would standard whole body scanners.
Mammography Biopsy Imaging and Transport Container!
240 - Mammography Biopsy Imaging and Transport Container.
A system developed specifically to provide an efficient system for imaging, transporting and identifying breast biopsies.
Female Ultrasound Training Pelvis!
404A - Female Ultrasound Training Pelvis.
The Model 404 consists of an external female pelvic model containing a uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and iliac vessels. The phantom has both abdominal and vaginal scanning access allowing a variety of transducer orientations.
Scrotal Ultrasound Phantom!
504 - Scrotal Ultrasound Training Phantom.
scrotal Ultrasound Training phantom provides an anatomically accurate phantom for hands-on training on testicular ultrasound exams without the need for live volunteers.
Uniformity Accreditation Phantoms!
551 - Uniformity Accreditation Phantom.
A NEW Ultrasound phantom that provides a cost effective solution for satisfying updated ultrasound accreditation requirements published by the ACR.
3D Sectional Torso Phantom!
600 - 3D Sectional Torso Phantom.
A Anthropomorphic Torso Phantom designed to provide an accurate simulation of an average male torso (22 cm PA thickness) for medical imaging and dosimetry applications.
3-Dimensional Torso Phantom!
602 - 3D Torso Phantom.
A phantom designed to provide an accurate simulation of an average male torso for medical imaging applications.
Multi-Modality 3D Anthropomorphic Skull Phantom!
603A - Multi-Modality, 3D Anthropomorphic Skull Phantom
A skull phantom intended for rapid assessment of image displacement in gamma knife and other treatment planning systems.
Large Field MRI Distortion Phantom!
604 - Large Field MRI Distortion Phantom.
A specialized image evaluation phantom designed for the assessment of magnetic resonance distortion caused by the nonlinearity of the magnetic gradients in large-bore scanners.
Gamma Knife Phantom!
605 - Radiosurgery Head Phantom.
A Head Phantom designed to evaluate the accuracy of treatment plans in radiosurgery applications.
AAPM CT Performance Phantom!
610 - AAPM CT Performance Phantom.
A phantom which offers the user a single test object that measures ten distinct CT performance parameters.
Water Equivalent Mini Phantom!
670 - Water Equivalent Mini Phantom.
This Water Equivalent Mini Phantom permits precise evaluation of scatter by eliminating it and X-Ray beam electron contamination during the ion chamber measurements at a reference depth of 10 cm.
QA Kit for ATOM Phantoms!
700-QA - CT Imaging QA Kit for ATOM Phantoms
A CT Imaging QA Kit suitable for use with CIRS ATOM Dosimetry phantoms and CIRS 007TE Tissue Equivalent CT Dose Phantoms.
ATOM Dosimetry Phantoms!
700-706 - Dosimetry Verification Phantoms.
The complete line of ATOM Phantoms manufactured exclusively by CIRS in the USA.
CIRS ATOM MAX Dental & Diagnostic Head Phantom!
711-HN - ATOMMAX Dental & Diagnostic Head Phantom.
A phantom is designed to assist technical and clinical staff in the selection, monitoring, training and verification of scanning parameters common to most radiological procedures requiring fine anatomical details.
CIRS SPoRT Pediatric Anthropomorphic Phantom!
715 - SPoRTTM Pediatric Anthropomorphic Training/Teaching Phantom.
SPoRT is designed to aid teaching and improvement of patient positioning, collimation and anatomical comprehension and it's wide range of features facilitate effective instruction of safe, high quality, pediatric imaging.
Proton Therapy Head Phantom!
731 - Proton Therapy Dosimetry Head Phantom.
A anthropomorphic head phantom intended for the commissioning and treatment planning/verification of Proton Therapy systems.
NEMA PET Scatter Phantom!
800 - NEMA PET Scatter Phantom.
A PET scanner phantom designed to test scatter fraction, count losses and random measurements in accordance with NEMA-NU2-2007.
Virtually Human Male Pelvis Phantom!
801-P-F - Virtually Human Male Pelvis Phantom.
A very realistic, tissue equivalent phantom designed for use in diagnostic radiology and radiation therapy for imaging dosimetry teaching and demonstration applications.
CIRS 802 Gillian Phantom!
802 - Gillian Hybrid Scanning QA Phantom.
A QA phantom which provides a simple and cost effective solution to verify image alignment and distortion of SPECT/CT, PET/CT and CT/MRI Hybrid scanning systems.
NEMA Angiography Phantoms!
901 - Cardiovascular/Fluoroscopic NEMA Benchmark Phantom.
Phantoms designed for voluntary compliance with NEMA XR 21. This phantom is used to simulate coronary arteries for infant through large adult and allow for the evaluation of spatial resolution, motion unsharpness and exposure for the entire imaging system.
Rad/Fluoro Accreditation Phantom!
903 - Accreditation Test Phantoms for Radiographic/Fluoroscopic.
A QA Phantom designed to provide a comprehensive review of their Radiography / Fluoroscopy facility, image quality programs.
Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Image Quality Phantom!
L647 - Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Image Quality & Performance Test Phantom.
A RD/FL Phantom is an easy to use tool to quickly assess the general radiographic and fluoroscopic image quality and performance of a standard imaging system.
Plastic Water!
PCW500 - Plastic Water
A water equivalent plastic which is flexible and will not break under impact, while allowing the calibration of photon and electron beams within 0.5% of true water dose.

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