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       Agfa CP-1000 Table Top Film Processor.       


The CP-1000 provides consistent, high-quality processing of film sizes ranging from 4" x 4" up to 14"W x 36"L for applications with moderate patient film volume.

Fast Processing
125-second cycle time (leading edge into developer to leading edge at dryer) for quick access to finished radiographs.

Energy Efficient

The CP-1000 operates on only 400 watts of power. Economical stand-by mode reduces power to 100 watts when processor is idle. To further reduce power consumption, the processor may be turned off when not in active use, and quickly restarted because of its fast warm-up time.

Advantages Over Typical Low-Volume Processors

The typical processing cycle for low-volume processors is 2.5 to 3 minutes, and you must remain in the darkroom until the film has completely entered the processor, which can take over a minute. The exclusive CP-1000 Feed Tray/Light Cover allows you to leave the darkroom in about 15 seconds.

Most processors require water, drain plumbing and external replenishment. They consume 16 to 30 gallons of water per hour. The CP-1000 requires no external plumbing, and the wash-water is supplied from its 5-liter (1.3 gallon) dispenser bottle.

Only .25 gallon of chemical is required to fill the CP-1000 Processor tanks, and they are replenished automatically. Where other processors typically require 5-gallon mixers to keep their tanks full, the CP-1000 uses premeasured concentrates that make the right amount of developer and fixer to fill the 5-liter dispenser bottles. With the CP-1000 you mix and use less chemistry and it is always fresh.

About 60 mixed sizes of film can be processed with 5 liters of developer. Average processing cost is about 40 cents per film.

The CP-1000 uses a simple, accessible film transport system with fewer rollers instead of conventional heavy roller racks. Clean-up is much easier.

The CP-1000 uses an infrared dryer instead of the typical hot-air dryer. Fast drying, quiet and energy efficient.

The CP-1000 uses only 400 watts of power compared with the typical 1500 watts for other processors. Uses only 100 watts in standby mode.

Short start-up time for the CP-1000 allows it to be shut off when it is not being used, and restarted when needed. It can be ready for processing from a cold start in only seven minutes.

Easy set-up - Simply unpack and plug into any standard power outlet. Insert filled chemical and wash-water bottles, and you're ready to process films. No plumbing is needed.

Fast start-up time - Operational in seven minutes from a cold start...can be turned off when not in use.

No mixers or measuring - Convenient premeasured concentrate provides fresh, consistent and precise amount of chemistry for dispenser bottles. Chemical mixer is not needed.

5-Liter replenishment supply - Less frequent refilling of dispenser bottles.

Automatic replenishment - Internal scanner monitors film throughput...ensures potency of chemistry. Tanks drain into portable waste containers.

Infrared dryer - Rapid film drying, energy efficient, quiet operation, and no venting is required.

Feed tray/light cover - Gets you out of the darkroom faster.


Does not require professional installation and plumbing. Setting up and installing the CP-1000 takes less than one hour and requires only simple tools.


Open the Feed Tray/Light Cover, feed film into processor, close Light Cover as soon as film is clear. You may now leave darkroom without fogging film. Film is deposited into receiver tray, ready for viewing in about two minutes.


With the cover removed, the tanks are easily drained. Rollers, guide plates and chemical tanks lift out and are easily rinsed in a convenient sink. The processor can be properly cleaned in only minutes.


There are only three controls...
Power On/Off Switch - Turns processor and tank heaters on.
Manual Replenishment Feed Light - Used to manually start replenishment cycle when processor has been idle for more than a day. The Film Feed Light is illuminated during the replenishment cycle and when film is passing through the processor. When the light turns OFF, a new film may be fed into the processor.
Dryer Temperature Step-Switch - Adjusts temperature of infrared dryer if required.


When film enters the processor, it passes the film scanner which regulates the replenishment system. A series of rollers transport the film through the developer, fixer and wash-water tanks and the dryer section. The film exits the dryer and is deposited into the receiver tray.


1. Fill developer and fixer dispenser bottles to 2.5 L mark with clean water.
2. Pierce seals of two bottles of Agfa developer concentrate, Part "A", and pour into dispenser bottle. Agitate slowly to mix solution.
3. Perform the same step with concentrate Part "B", and fill dispenser bottle to the "FULL" mark with water. Replace valve and shake thoroughly to mix solution.
4. Follow similar procedure as in steps 2 and 3 for mixing Agfa fixer concentrate.
5. Fill Wash-Water Bottle with clean water to "FULL" mark and replace valve.
6. Insert each bottle into the processor.

That's all there is to mixing chemicals for the CP-1000 Processor!

Warranty: 1 year on parts.

CP-1000 Technical Specifications
Film Sizes
Maximum Width: 14"
Minimum Size: 4" x 4"
Tank Capacity
Developer: 0.24 gal. (0.9 liter)
Fixer: 0.24 gal. (0.9 liter)
Wash-Water: 0.24 gal. (0.9 liter)
Replenisher Bottles
1.3 gal. (5 liter)
Film Transport Speed
11 in/min (28.5 cm/min)
Processing Time
125 sec. (leading edge to leading edge)
Suggested Chemistry
AGFA G153 Developer Concentrate
AGFA G353 Fixer Concentrate
60 films/hr (10" x 12")
Warm-up time
7 minutes
Automatic Standby Mode
"Optimizing Key" for replenishment
Infrared Dryer
Heat generated during continuous operation at dryer setting of #4 is 1990 BTU/hr
Noise Level
60 +/-1dB (A)
Power Requirements
120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1100 W Max
Standby Mode: 100 W
Average Power Consumption: 400 W/hr
39"W x 25.5D x 17"H (without Light Cover)
Clearance Dimensions: 41"W x 27"D x 28"H
Minimum Counter Required: 26" x 26"
119 lb (empty)
154 lb (with chemistry and water)
Standard Equipment
CP-1000 Processor with drain hoses
3 Replenisher Bottles
3 Replenisher-Bottle Valves and Caps
Adaptor Hose Accessory (drain)
Feed Tray/Light Cover Accessory
Operator's Manual

Stock #
Your Price
Agfa Table Top Film Processor - Less Stand.
Optional Fixed Water Supply Connection
Type 9424/100 for continuous water supply
Optional 2.5 Liter Replenishment Bottles, Set of 3
Optional Extra 5-Liter Replenishment Bottles (3 come w/processor)
Optional Agfa stand for the CP-1000 Film Processor
Sturdy and easy to clean construction
Dimensions: 26"W x 28"H x 32"D

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